5 Things You Should Never Talk About Through Messenger

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Thanks to messenger apps, we get to connect with anyone in a span of seconds. But along with the convenience of these social networking apps, we tend to use messenger platforms in discussing almost everything.

And I mean everything– even the most sensitive information gets to be shared through messages.

For most people, that doesn’t seem to be a huge problem, but still, sharing these 5 things through messenger can bring some trouble to the recipient and receiver.

5 Things You Should Never Talk About Through Messenger

Here’s a quick rundown of the 5 things you should avoid discussing. For further discussion, scroll down for more.

  • Important Relationship Matters
  • Spreading Rumors/ Gossip
  • Canceling A Date
  • Break Up with Someone
  • Breaking A Bad News

#1: Important Relationship Matters

Matters within the family, friends and romantic pursuits are better to be discussed personally. This is to avoid misunderstandings, as one sentence or even an emoji can start conflicts. Also, issues will be resolved much faster if the people are talking about it personally.

#2: Spreading Rumors/Gossip

Social media is a tempting place to gossip around, but be aware that whatever you post on social media, stays on social media. There’s a huge chance that it’ll out in the open. So be careful of what you’re saying about something or someone, even behind the direct messages.

#3: Canceling A Date

If you’re wooing someone or already in a stable relationship, don’t be rude and just plain cancel the date through chat. Have the decency to pick up the phone and call the person. The person will most likely accept a reschedule if you’re trying to apologize via call than just a simple “sorry” message.

#4: Breaking Up with Someone

Breaking up through text isn’t just rude but it is also silly. You spend months or years with this person, and you just end things up through a message? It’s such a coward move. If you truly want both parties to heal, have a decent closure in person.

#5: Breaking A Bad News

Having to call someone is better when telling bad news than just chatting about it. With this, the sender can calm the other person on the line in case he/she went hysterics. This is so that the sender can fully explain what happened and the news wouldn’t be taken out of context.

And there you go, the 5 things you shouldn’t talk about through messenger. Again, always consider the situation and the context of what you’re trying to send. Because being responsible with what you send will bring you a better and more peaceful messaging experience.

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