7 Healthy Ways to Use Social Networking Platforms

woman using her social networking app

When people think about social networking apps, everyone seems to perceive it in a negative light. People are always exclaiming how addicted these platforms are, and how it affected society in a bad way.

But what people didn’t realize is that social networking platforms are simply channels for communication. If we know how to use it in a healthy way, we can make the most out of it.

Now, how do you use social media in a healthy way? Look no further as we’ve listed out 7 ways you can healthily use social media.

7 Healthy Ways to Use Social Networking Platforms

#1: Set Some Limits

Instead of mindlessly scrolling for hours, it’s better to use social media with a purpose. If you need to use it to message someone, just go to the messenger then close the app. You can also set limits to your social media usage, so you could save up some time.

#2: Think Before You Click

Because of the convenience of using social media apps, we are tempted to share everything. But not everything needs to be shared on the internet. Remember, what you shared on the internet will most likely stay on the internet forever. So be wary of what you post on the internet so you can’t get into any trouble.

#3: Create More

It’s normal to be the consumer of content on social media. But if you have the talent and the skills, why don’t you try sharing that talent with others? There are various opportunities that you can get by showcasing your talent on social media. Who knows? Maybe an established animation has seen your illustrations and may have contacted you to work for them.

#4: Don’t Troll Around

Don’t create fake accounts to play with people’s emotions. You won’t get anything on it aside from pointless temporary laughs. Spend your time doing something else on social media (like the one I mentioned above).

#5: Change Your Perspective

When you use social networking platforms, keep in mind that it’s not an accurate representation of reality. No one shows the dull or sad moments of their life to the public. So if you find yourself comparing to other people on social media– stop. Change your perspective, and you’ll have a more peaceful social media experience.

#6: Never do “Phubbing”

Phubbing is a term used when someone is using their phone while talking to someone else. Don’t be that someone. If you’re out with friends or family, spend your time with them and not with a phone. It’s rude and takes away the “bonding” in “bonding time”.

#7: Live in the Moment

When you’re out and having an adventure, we get tempted to capture everything. You take a photo of this, a shot of that, a selfie with this, etc. But sometimes, it’s better to take a break from the camera and live in the moment. In that way, you’ll appreciate the adventure more.

Don’t go on adventures to have something to post on social media, but rather use social networking platforms to share your adventures.

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